Not spoiling Holiday mood by staying sober

Holidays are the time of celebrations. We Do pre-preparation and wait long for the holiday and its celebrations. Nobody wants that due to any reason the festival mood is spoilt. But during the festival season the alcohol and drugs are consumed the most and all types of nuisances are spread. The festival mood is spoilt in the family and neighbours where these addicted people reside, so it is very important of staying sober during holidays. Even the person who is high on alcohol and drugs cannot enjoy the holidays and they might end up in a legal matter. So it is very important to stay sober during the holidays.

Now there are some people who have recovered from their addiction and during holiday season they have these mixed feeling of to have and not to have and in that there are some guidelines for the family as family can help the person in an immense manner. Friends and family would be the place where this newly recovered person would love to stay with. Be with the person continuously and help him enjoy each and every moment so that he/she does not have time to remember the old times spent with addiction. Might be you are not addicted but during holidays you might consume a little alcohol but when you have a newly recovered person in family it is better for you to stay sober so that the person does not get the craving to consume the substance. You can plan a party without alcohol. You can add non-alcoholic drinks and add huge number of varieties in food which the person likes the most. You can make the party more fun with adding some performances like play, or sharing jokes or singing. Make the recovered person involve in all the activities and be around him all the time so that he/she can resist the temptation of getting high again. You can get involve into a mindful conversations and also make sure that the person also gets involved in the conversation. It is important for us to make he/she feel at home and feel like being wanted. Even though the party is going on you can go to some silent place with the person alone and have such conversation. You can tell that you are glad that he or she is there in the party, make some important mindful conversation; it could be about his/her future plans. This would actually make the feel important and there will be less yearning to be high.